Drinks With Johnny

Season 2 Year End 2020 is Finally Over Finale

December 31, 2020

The past year has proven to be a wild ride, so the Drinks With Johnny crew got together to recap the highs, lows, & everything in between that happened in Season 2. Johnny, Sam, Brando, & Diony serve up a few behind the scenes stories as they recap the moments that made 2020 one that will never be forgotten. Hear a hilarious untold story from Johnny about sharing the studio with Danny Elfman and Synyster Gates. Find out who the crew would pick to be their Drinks With Johnny dream guests. Learn just how much of a shitshow the LIVE @ FIVE episodes really were. All of this, and so much more as the guys send this year off with the one true gesture that could sum up 2020 - a shot from the cowboy tequila hat!